Medical Equipment

It is only when illness strikes that many of us realise the limitations of State help towards the cost of medical equipment, adaptations to residential property or aids that will make daily living that much easier.

At such times it is good to know that, while TBF cannot restore your health, we can help provide things that would not otherwise be available. The even better news is that - for most things – we do not means test. Any request will need a medical recommendation to go with a completed medical equipment form.

We can help with funding towards:

  • Mobility aids (wheelchairs, scooters, etc) provided you are not eligible for state mobility payments or equipment. We may even be able to help those who are getting these payments where they have to be used towards a car and we will in any case offer £300 towards the deposit if the mobility aid is obtained through the Motability scheme;
  • Nebulisers (through the Sandra Barr Memorial).
  • TENS machines (nerve stimulators), including obstetrics.
  • Other aids such as supports, orthopaedic mattresses , walking frames, tilting chairs, CPAP machines, etc where the State or local authority will not provide them;
  • Help towards adaptations to your property that the State or local authority will not fund, though you need to seek help from them first and we reserve the right to ask you to contribute towards the cost depending on your resources.

We need you to complete a Pink Form: Request for medical equipment for most aids costing over £500 or for adaptations to your property; this includes details of your income and expenditure. For mobility aids, nebulisers, TENS machines or items costing less than this sum we have a Green Form which is a less detailed form, which does not need financial details. In all cases, though, we need a letter from your GP, recommending that you need the equipment. Where we can only help if the state or local authority cannot, we will need to see their letter stating this as well.

Our resources do not stretch to offering help with costs associated with dentistry or opticians.

We all hope disabling illness will never happen to us or our families but if it does, it is good to know the TBF is here to offer practical help (and advice on State benefits).

How do I apply?

We will ask you to complete either a Green Form for items costing under £500, or a Pink Form for items costing over £500. It is essential to return a medical recommendation showing a need for the medical item requested.

Question MarkRequest a Green or Pink Form: Request for medical equipment or living aids depending on cost of item

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