Medical Consultations and Scans and Tests

Where there is a long waiting period on the NHS we are able to assist towards the cost of;

  • medical consultations for any beneficiary, as well as,
  • scans and tests for working beneficiaries and their dependants.

Help can be provided towards a genuine second opinion and/or towards scans or tests, when:

  • not available on the NHS within a reasonable timeframe
  • a special examination where the person has a serious ongoing condition
  • required for a medical report required for an appeal.

Sometimes we are able to refer you to our doctor, if you are based in or around London or Manchester. Please get in touch to discuss this further.

We cannot meet the cost of any subsequent treatment/procedure, but it is sometimes possible to obtain the required diagnosis or identify the correct treatment and put minds at rest.

Where a member faces medical dismissal (confirmed by employer/union) because of inability to obtain the necessary scans or tests through the NHS in a reasonable timescale, the Trustees will consider meeting the costs. In exceptional circumstances, they may even authorise a contribution towards treatment costs if this will help them to remain in their job. We are sorry that such a contribution cannot in any way meet a significant part of the costs.

How do I apply?

We will ask you to complete an Orange Form.

Question MarkRequest an Orange Form: Request for payment of medical or legal costs

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