FAQs - About TBF

Q Who can join TBF?

A TBF membership is exclusive to those working in the public transport industry in Great Britain. See our eligibility requirements.

Q Is there an age limit to join?

A No, you can join whatever your age, as long as you’re working in public transport.

Q Do I need a medical before I can join?

A No. There is no bar on preexisting conditions.

Q When would my cover begin?

A There is normally no waiting period so your cover begins as soon as your application form has been processed.

Q How much will it cost?

A Just £1.25 per week.

Q Can I get cover for my family?

A Yes, your £1.25 a week contribution covers you, your partner and dependent children. Each family member is considered separately and benefits paid are not cumulative. See our Dependants page.

Q How do I pay?

A Through your company payroll deduction facility or, if this is not possible, by standing order.

Q How do I make a claim?

A Simply contact us to request a form. Our friendly team of advisors will do whatever that can to help. TBF does not have a call centre and no push button options for callers.

Q How do I receive my reimbursement?

A By cheque through the post.

Q Does TBF pay commission?

A No. TBF is a non-profit making benefits provider and we do not pay commission to anyone, so your money goes further.

Q What if I change my job?

A You can normally stay a member if you change jobs but your must be working in the public transport industry when you initially join.

Q What happens when I retire?

A Normally you can remain a member when you retire and many members qualify for FREE membership. See our Leaving Service page.

Q Are there different levels of membership fees?

A No. Your £1.25 a week is a flat-rate membership fee giving you and your family access to the full range of TBF Benefits. Chiropody and podiatry are not available to retired members.

Q Does TBF make loans?

A No, we don’t, so the money granted is yours to keep.

Q Is TBF membership the same as an insurance policy or savings scheme?

A No, TBF is a benefits provider and does not sell insurance policies or reimburse membership fees. All benefits are made at the discretion of the Trustees.

Q Who runs the organisation?

A TBF is run by Trustees, most of whom are public transport workers. They understand the industry and the needs of its staff. For more information, click here.

Q Do you have support throughout the industry?

A We enjoy the support of all the major employers in the industry and also the leaders of the main transport trades unions.

Q Will my contributions increase?

A The trustees monitor the TBF’s budgets closely and may make an increase as they see fit, when necessary. However, due notification of this will be distributed beforehand.

Q We aren't married. Is my partner still covered?

A Yes, of course. We recognise almost any partnership - married or living together, opposite or same sex. See our Dependants page.

Q What if I need to convalesce?

A We don't just believe we are streets ahead here - we know we are. If you cannot convalesce or recuperate without a carer we'll pay for them too. If you have to take the children, we'll pay for them to go with you. Even if you don't have to take anyone but would like to, we can almost certainly arrange this. And you certainly don't have to have been in hospital to qualify.

Q What is the limit on claims each year?

A You'll be amazed to learn that, unlike so many others, we don't have one. We look at each request separately and, within our financial resources, we give the member as much help as we can. We have limits on the help we can give with some therapies but, if your job is at risk because you need more therapy, we can usually give extra help. And we treat each family member independently - no 'totting up' for the family. Generally we are unable to help towards optical, dental or funeral costs or for operations and things you should have insured against, and we do not give loans.

Q What if I want to discuss an appeal against a decision?

A Unlike many organisations, the Chief Executive Officer will speak to members and - if he thinks a strict application of the Rules would be unhelpful - he asks the Trustees to vary them. How many other bodies will do that? For more information, click here.

Q If you had to sum up what you're about, what would you say?

A TBF has been helping members since 1923. We are always ready to help, whatever the problem - ask our members! Even if you have no immediate problems, your contributions will help others in need. If you want to join TBF fill in a few details and we will send you an informative brochure which includes an application form.