How to Access TBF Records

It is the policy of the Trustees to be as open as possible with members and dependants, whose well-being is the only reason the Charity exists. Records will be kept fairly and objectively and will avoid expressions of opinion as far as is possible. They will be kept securely and will not normally be disclosed to anyone other than the person to whom they relate. The main exceptions are that information may be provided confidentially to Trustees (or those to whom they delegate their decisions, including for these purposes all or any of the Charity’s paid staff) for the purpose of making decisions, as required by law or for the purposes set out in the following paragraph.

Where medical or other personal information has been provided in connection with an application for care or medical equipment, this may be passed in confidence to a service provider where it is known that that provider has secure means of holding the information, is trustworthy and needs the information concerned to ensure that the needs of the member or dependant are met safely.

In accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act legislation, members and dependants have the right to inspect data held on them. £10 will be charged on each occasion that a member or beneficiary applies to see the data held.

No access will be given to data which would compromise the interests of any third party, although every effort will be made to ensure that data is held and presented in such a way that such compromise cannot occur.

Members and dependants who wish to inspect data must apply in writing to the Secretary setting out their reasons. The Secretary will take the necessary action within 40 calendar days.